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• Sand Blasting & Painting

Sources Technology Co. Commonly referred to as "Sandblasting", abrasive blasting is the use of abrasive "Media" under high pressure air to erode the surface of an object down to its parent material. Over time, metals by nature oxidize (e.g.. rust, tarnish) and lose their luster and shine. Depending on the media used, dull metals can be made to look new again. Painted surfaces can be quickly cleaned away saving time and effort. Abrasive blasting is not limited in its use and has many applications to which it can be used with great effect. Below are images of each of the more commonly used media and a description of its intended application.

• Steel grit blasting is ideal for aggressive cleaning applications. Steel grit will quickly strip many types of surface contaminants from steel and other foundry metals. Steel grit is softer than aluminum oxide and does not fracture as easily, making it ideal for aircraft and aero-space applications. The angular nature of steel grit produces an etched surface on metal for superior adhesion of paint, epoxy, enamel, rubber and other coatings.• Steel shot blasting is the most widely used process for cleaning, stripping and improving a metal surface. The round ball shape of the steel shot produces a clean, smooth and polished surface through a peening action created by the acceleration of the shot. Due to the hardness and density of steel shot, it can be recycled as much as 3000 times before replacement. • Silicon carbide is the hardest blasting media available. Silicon carbide grit is the ideal media for use on glass and stone in both suction or siphon and direct pressure blast systems. The ability to be recycled multiple times results in a cost-effective silicon carbide grit blast media with optimal etching results. Since silicon carbide grit is harder than aluminum oxide, it can be used efficiently for glass engraving and stone etching.

Coating Systems :
Our wide range of interior and exterior industrial painting projects includes:• plants & manufacturing facilities• metal deck ceilings in factories• warehouses, storage facilities• industrial buildings & units• machinery, equipment• injection molders• concrete floor coatings• metal siding, metal roofs• metal & steel-clad buildings• storage tanks, silos• floor lines & markings• large jobs up to 2,000,000 sq. ft. We can prepare and refinish most industrial surfaces including:• ceilings, walls, floors• concrete floors, flooring• corrugated steel panels• epoxy floor coatings• siding• storage tanks & linings• metal, steel, galvanized Our typical clients include• storage & distribution facilities• metal stamping plants• automotive sub-suppliers• aerospace manufacturing• chemical plants• plastics manufacturing• automotive assembly plants• industrial manufacturing• injection molding